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How often have we looked back at events in the past that caused us trauma and wished that they had never happened, that we had done things differently. And that’s when those words pop up: IF ONLY. ‘If only I had done this instead of that; if only I had thought before speaking or acting; […]


In early 2020, the world was blind-sided when it was suddenly hit by a pandemic called Covid-19. Never in living memory had we encountered something like this. Our entire lives changed drastically and for the worse. Nobody could have imagined this lasting for long because it was so alien, so we waited for it to […]


This is a topic that gives rise to much discussion and emotions can sometimes run high. The two sides of the spectrum are people who are either not able to or not willing to care for aged parents and those who feel strongly that it is the duty of adult children to do so. Let’s […]

FORGET THE SCAREMONGERING – Take control of your health

I don’t think there is anyone out there who hasn’t been exposed to news and information about the dangers  of corona virus and its possible lethal impact on our health. We’re told to stay indoors and observe hygiene and if we go out to mask up and keep social distancing. We’re also told that there […]


I had a strange experience the other day. I saw a picture of people in a crowded restaurant and I got a bit concerned. My first instinctive reaction was, ‘Oh,they’re sitting rather close’. And then I realised that this was the world before Covid 19. When we went out to restaurants and sat near other […]

Covid-19 – Not all doom and gloom

Everybody’s talking about the Corona virus. Nobody alive has seen anything like this before, where everyone in the world is affected at the same time and on such a scale. It’s serious. Last time this week in South Africa, it wasn’t a big deal as there were so few cases. By Friday 13th March, the […]


This blog is about the importance of letting go of negative emotions and thoughts.  As an introduction, I’d like to briefly touch on the book ‘Letting Go’ by David Hawkins and what it has taught me about achieving emotional and spiritual healing. Hawkins has written some ground breaking, phenomenal books on spiritual growth and consciousness […]

Trouble sleeping? Read this.

21st February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day. So when I was pondering about what gems of wisdom to share with you today, I thought, everyone speaks about diet and exercise but there are other important factors that are not given the same attention but are a huge problem to a lot of people and one […]

Don’t believe the hype

It’s Valentine’s Day again and everyone is doing the love thing. It can unfortunately get really corny with all the red hearts and chocolates and mass produced Valentine’s paraphernalia. I know some people get really irritated by all this and I get them. The true meaning of love is lost amid the huge commercialization and […]


Today I am really excited to share with you a health and exercise programme that I have been using. You may have picked up by now that I am quite health conscious and am mindful of what I eat and of doing daily exercise and addressing all aspects of my life in order to gain […]


February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month. This is something I’m passionate about and it is one of the niche areas in my coaching. I feel strongly about the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle because I have seen the positive results in my life personally. We need to realize the power we have to maintain […]


I have been coaching more clients with financial difficulties recently and this is not surprising given the state of the economy. As much as our financial circumstances are undoubtedly affected by the economy and other external factors, we can still play a huge role in improving the situation through our efforts. By  this I am […]

Troubled teenager?

It’s January and back to school today for many children. For some it may be a time of excitement and happy anticipation of what the new school year has to offer –new challenges to conquer, new friends or seeing old ones again, new opportunities to excel. But sadly, for others, it is a time of […]


It seems that happiness is everyone’s goal. In my life coaching practice I am seeing so many people coping with unhappiness, depression, anxiety and misery. It cuts across all social sectors and ages and is prevalent in men and women. I am seeing more men in recent months who are battling to cope with feelings […]

If only I could lose some weight!

I have seen many clients and they have come to see me for a variety of different challenges but one of the most common, especially with female clients is a desperate desire to lose weight. The reasons vary from wanting to be healthy to being slimmer for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason, they all seem […]

DEPRESSION – one of our biggest challenges

One of my niche areas for my life coaching is depression and it’s scary that it has become such a problem in this country, especially amongst young people. I read an article just yesterday that counseling services at South African universities have stepped up their interventions in the wake of an increase in suicides among […]

How to heal yourself of disease

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is of particular significance to me as I am a breast cancer survivor. It is actually my diagnosis and path to healing that led me to the field of life coaching and for that I am immensely thankful as it has transformed my life in […]

Why do you Need a Transformational Life Coach?

Congratulations. If you are reading this it means that you are interested in what I can do for you. It means that you are looking for positive change in your life or have goals you would like to achieve. Or you could just be curious which is also fine. Curiosity is good! Most people seek […]

Using the Laws of Attraction and Vibration to get What you Want

This is the third article in the ‘How Can you create the Life you Want’ series. I’ve already told you about ‘The Map is not the Territory’ and the power of the subconscious mind. Now we look at further exciting components which I’m sure you’ve heard of:  The Law of Attraction and the Law of […]

The subconscious mind and how you can use it to create the life you want

In my last article I showed you how we all form our own maps of reality (The map is not the territory) and this is based on what is already within us (our values, attitudes, beliefs, memories).This is all stored in our subconscious mind.  Here I would like to show you the immense power of […]

How Can You Create The Life You Want?

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’ ‘As within, so without’ ‘You can do whatever you put your mind to’ These profound quotes have been said in some form by many great thinkers. How many times have you heard/read it? Do you believe it? Good for you, because it is totally true, […]