Troubled teenager?

It’s January and back to school today for many children. For some it may be a time of excitement and happy anticipation of what the new school year has to offer –new challenges to conquer, new friends or seeing old ones again, new opportunities to excel. But sadly, for others, it is a time of anxiety and apprehension. I am concerned by how many young people I am seeing recently for a variety of issues. They are presenting mainly with stress, anxiety and depression and these are due to issues like bullying at school or on social media, work overload, not performing at school or to their parents’ expectations, eating disorders, major self esteem and confidence issues, drugs and other addictions. The list goes on. And I am saddened and puzzled. Teenage years are supposed to be mainly carefree and happy ones and although every age has its challenges, I don’t think our teenagers have been this lost and troubled. There are a number of reasons of course, related to the sheer nature of the times we’re living in, but the important thing is that our youngsters are crying out for help.

I have been touched and shaken because I can say without exception that every child I worked with had a beautiful soul. They are lovely young people who are battling so many demons, some more than others of course. It concerned me greatly that at their tender age they were having to deal with all this. I took them through my programme, specially modified for teenagers and the results were beyond my expectations. Depending on what their particular challenge was, every teenager left my programme either having overcome their problem, or successfully equipped to do so on an ongoing basis.

What struck me was how receptive these young people were to guidance and counseling. They are more receptive than adults because they are more open to and better equipped for learning and change. Also, addressing serious problems early on is vital to laying the foundation to a healthy, productive  and successful adulthood.

I have since added this to my niche area as I realized that working with teenagers is so rewarding. If you have a teenager who is struggling, get in touch with me.