Why do you Need a Transformational Life Coach?

Congratulations. If you are reading this it means that you are interested in what I can do for you. It means that you are looking for positive change in your life or have goals you would like to achieve. Or you could just be curious which is also fine. Curiosity is good!

Most people seek out life coaches because they’re seeking something more – happiness, peace, good health, prosperity. Or they are seeking to overcome a particular challenge: depression, anxiety, self esteem issues, weight loss, dealing with grief, relationship challenges. Whatever it is, the important thing to remember is that the answers are within you. I help you to find them. I do not give advice or tell you what to do, but help you find your own answers. And the process of discovery, of self actualization is phenomenal. I have found this time and time again in my clients. Many of them come in feeling despondent or hopeless and leave saying ‘I wish I’d done this earlier’ or ‘Why didn’t someone tell me this 20, 30 years ago??’ Believe me, I said the same things. When we realize how we can change our lives for the better once we have the knowledge and the tools, it is truly a groundbreaking and very empowering experience.

Yes, there are some people who need assistance more than others. There are times when life’s challenges and circumstances seem overwhelming, when depression takes hold, when the hill seems too long and hard to climb, when the effort seems too much work. And it happens to every one of us – there is no shame in this. That is when you will need a helping hand a little more, a guide that will lead you to the magnificence that is within you.

So if the abilities are within all of us, why is it sometimes so difficult to find it, why do we so often lose sight of it? Well, to use a cliché, that’s life. We are subjected to all manner of influences and outer forces all the time. Everyone operates according to their own consciousness, and as I discussed in earlier articles, we are all connected through energy and subjected to energy and consciousness of others. The trick is to raise your own consciousness, to find your own truth and to hold firmly to it. And most of us need help doing this because we are so much a part of all that is life, the good and bad. Sometimes the ‘bad’ is more dominant and more overpowering.

To find our own truth might require a journey into the spirit part of ourselves. Most people acknowledge that besides the mind and body, there is a spiritual aspect to ourselves, the part that connects to a higher power. So when I coach, it’s looking at the whole individual – mind, body and spirit, for no true success can be found in ignoring any one of these, as this is the totality of who we are. However, it depends on what your needs are. If you need assistance in one particular area, then that is what I will focus on.

I often get asked ‘What is a ‘Transformational’ Coach. Well, when a client comes to me to achieve a particular goal or address a specific issue, it’s not a matter of simply zoning in on only that. We experience a particular issue or challenge because of something else that is going on. A person is so complex that everything is connected and deep change usually comes from looking at the whole person and addressing deeper issues, like the removal of negative emotions and beliefs. In so doing, the person is transformed and the foundation is set for success in all areas.

Would you like to experience that transformation?

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