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In my experience with people who have come to me for coaching, there is one common perception or belief that almost everyone has, and which lies at the root of their problems – ‘I am not good enough’.  This is one of the most common self sabotaging beliefs. I have helped many people overcome this belief and the results have been profound. I can help you too. I am based in Durban but can help you wherever you are.

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We are all born magnificent, but as we were growing up and navigating life, we were programmed to think differently.  Our parents, siblings, teachers, peers and others around us taught us lessons, said things, did things, and we ended up thinking we were lacking in some way which affected our self esteem. This does not mean we must blame them or point fingers at anyone. On the contrary, our parents for example, were probably doing the best they could according to what they knew, and most times the lessons we were taught were necessary and essential for us at that time. But a lot of things are now outmoded. Those maps are outdated. We picked up things and interpreted things in certain ways that led us to think thoughts that are now counterproductive for our well-being and self esteem. We lack confidence because we have believed someone else’s version of us.


I can help you tune into your inner magnificence, discover your true self worth. In so doing you will never have to lack self esteem or self confidence again. All you need to know, all the help you need is within you. You’ve just lost sight of it. Once you discover the real you, you will be bursting with confidence and self worth. You will realize that there is almost nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it. It is up to you to decide what you really want from life and go and get it. But the change starts from within you. After all, the only thing that makes us believe we are not good enough, lack confidence and esteem, is our thinking. That’s what it comes down to – a thought. So all you have to do is change the way you think. Sounds too simple? It is simple, but we have all been programmed to death – with the wrong stuff. We need to reprogramme our minds, our subconscious. If you want to know how – that’s where I come in.


When you have a low self esteem and are lacking in self confidence, you are denying yourself love. Love has been said to be one of the most powerful and healing emotions there is. Love is a miracle cure. Do you know that a baby will not survive without love? Even if she is given the best food and all her physical needs are taken care of, she will not thrive without love. But guess what – so many of us deny ourselves love all the time. Think of how you are hurting your mind, body and spirit when you do not love yourself. We are not referring to vanity or conceit, but a deep, unquestioning knowledge in your own worth, having respect for yourself and being grateful for all you have and the miracle of creation you are. If you deny your good in any way, if you think you are not good enough, you are not loving yourself. Our minds believe everything we tell it, and this in turn creates more of it in our life. So if you don’t love yourself, when you tell yourself endlessly that you are not good enough, you are creating the environment for everything to go wrong in your life.

Let me help you love yourself again…

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It seems that the world around us is filled with images and messages designed to make us believe that we are not good enough as we are. We will only be good enough if we have that model’s hour glass figure, that  guy’s salary, the R10 million house, that particular brand of cellphone, that and this and that….. But your worth as a person can never be measured by external factors. The measure of your worth is about what’s within you, and you know what’s the best news of all? – that’s in your hands. You just need to know how to do it, how to stop being programmed. You need to rediscover how to find your inner core of self worth. It’s right there inside of you, waiting to be discovered.


One aspect of my work is spiritual awareness. I’m not talking about religion necessarily, but an awareness of our souls and a higher consciousness. We are all made of energy and vibrate at certain frequencies (I will explain more of this in our sessions). As we raise our vibrations, we attract positive energy states. Having a high self image and esteem, loving oneself, ranks high on the scale of vibration and consciousness. Low self image, things like guilt, shame, self hatred, brings us right down. These are dangerous to the self and attracts negative experiences and people into our lives. My work involves helping you raise your consciousness levels, accessing the higher states and in so doing, attracting more of the good into your life.

Do you want to learn to love yourself again?

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