Achieve Your Most Outrageous Goals Effortlessly, Just By Changing Yourself

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you want to achieve something in life but are not sure what it is? Or do you have an idea but just don’t know how to get there. I have used very successful and clear techniques on clients to help them achieve their goals and have seen great results. Let me help you too. Contact me for a free session. I am based in Durban but can help you wherever you are.

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‘I have a dream’ said Martin Luther King. And that’s how it all starts. But it’s not enough. It requires action too. Sometimes we look around us and see others achieving amazing success and we wonder how they’re doing it. What do they have that we don’t? What are they doing that we aren’t? We try many different things and work really hard and still our goals elude us. Why?


I’m sure most of you have always been taught growing up that the only way to achieve success is through hard work. That is not necessarily true.  It’s not about working hard, but about working smart. It’s about knowing how, and a large chunk of this knowing involves understanding the laws of the Universe. If you don’t know that, you could be busting your gut off and achieving nothing. I know – been there, done that. So the first step towards achieving your goals is understanding how the universe works. We’ll do more of that when we meet.


When we work in close alignment with the laws of the Universe, and when we listen to the deepest part of ourselves, achieving our goals or achieving success becomes effortless. We have a sense of ‘knowing’ and it is so deep and unshakeable that nothing can mess with it. And when I use the word ‘knowing’, it’s not in an intellectual sense, but a spiritual one.

Many years ago, just after I had completed my degree, the new TV cable network in the country was looking for an anchor person. This was in the days of apartheid when there were no Indian people on TV and it just wasn’t anywhere in our realm of experience. I just knew I was the right person for the job. Don’t ask me how. I knew nothing about the laws of the Universe or what I have learnt in my journey as a coach. . I just knew it was what I wanted to do with all my heart and soul and I knew I’ll do it well. I was based in Durban and they were clear that they were looking for someone in Johannesburg. I applied anyway. A few days later I got the classic rejection letter  – very polite of course and very short. I knew that they hadn’t listened to my tape (Yes, it was still tape back then). So I called the M-Net offices in Randburg and asked to speak to the guy in charge of the programme – the Executive producer. To their credit I actually got to speak to him. I said ‘Mr X, you haven’t listened to my tape’. He asked how I knew. I said ‘because if you did, you wouldn’t have sent me a rejection letter’. He was silent for a few moments, then he asked my name again and said he’ll get back to me. So I thought that was that. A few days later his PA asked me to fly up at my expense and meet the EP. I did and went through an audition. To cut a long story short, I got the job. They auditioned about 800 people and I got it, even though I was based in Durban and they had to fly me up to Johannesburg at their expense every weekend. That, even though I say so myself, is pretty darn amazing. I never looked back. I went on to a successful broadcasting career here and abroad, in television, radio and film.

Why did I tell you all this? Because if I didn’t believe in myself, if I didn’t pursue what I wanted against all odds, I would never have achieved my goal or accomplished what I did in my career. So an important lesson is self belief and never giving up, but it’s also about ‘knowing’. We’ll explore that in greater detail when we meet.

Contact Me For A No Obligation Free 30 Minute Coaching Session


Let me share something with you that is one of the key concepts to understanding how to achieve a goal. When we want something, we are telling our subconscious mind that we don’t have it. Want denotes LACK. So what happens? We get more lack. Our subconscious mind gives you more of what you focus on, so if you focus on lack or want, you will get more of it. You need to focus on having the goal and the universe will bring it to you faster.  There is a technique to perform to ensure you are constantly giving the right messages to your subconscious and we will do this in our coaching sessions.


In one on one coaching I will take you through the goal achieving technique and monitor you to ensure you are following through with the process. I will set tasks for you to make sure you successfully achieve even your biggest goals. You just need to know how.

Contact Me For A No Obligation Free 30 Minute Coaching Session