FORGET THE SCAREMONGERING – Take control of your health

I don’t think there is anyone out there who hasn’t been exposed to news and information about the dangers  of corona virus and its possible lethal impact on our health. We’re told to stay indoors and observe hygiene and if we go out to mask up and keep social distancing. We’re also told that there is no cure or vaccine for the disease of Covid- 19. While all this is true, it is causing mass panic and anxiety.

There’s another angle to this whole thing: Firstly, the vast majority of people who are getting very ill and/or dying from Covid 19, have underlying illnesses or co-morbidities: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease, obesity or respiratory illnesses. Secondly, it is also people with compromised immune systems who are most affected. So, this gives us something to work with, some hope. We need to focus on managing these conditions in people who have them and on strengthening our immune systems – in people who are compromised and the general population.

There are many dietary interventions that will support our immune system and which we should be paying more attention to now and making sure we implement. Another important factor that strengthens the immune system is exercise and there is a vast array of research out there proving that, which I encourage you to read further on. There is also a vast array of information of the kind of diets to follow and foods to eat to bolster immune function. My personal opinion is that these interventions have received far too little exposure in the information about the pandemic and how to counter it. Too much emphasis has been placed on the lack of vaccines or drugs to treat it, rather than what individuals can do to help themselves. The resultant zeitgeist is mass fear and helplessness.

This is something I focus on as part of my coaching programme and I have achieved huge success in guiding my clients to a sustained healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy food choices and appropriate exercise to strengthen the immune system and having sustained optimum health and wellbeing. As a result, fewer medications and harmful chemicals are needed to treat conditions that could be avoided. The same is true of Covid 19.

Another factor which is an integral part of my programme and which we need to focus on is our emotional health. Things like stress, anxiety, depression and fear cause havoc with our immune system. They cause chemical reactions in our body which make us more susceptible to diseases of all kinds. We should be paying more attention to our mental and emotional health now. Instead, we are compromising it through fear and worry that the circumstances of Covid 19 are causing: fear of the disease itself, isolation, loneliness and financial concerns due to the global economic crash. All these are understandable. But we must not succumb to these negative emotions, or we are indeed doomed.

So be positive, stop panicking and stop waiting for an external solution to this present scourge we are facing. Yes, we would welcome a cure for Covid 19, but we are not helpless in the meantime. We can take control of our own health and prevent contacting this disease. Together with practising all the other measures we have been advised on, staying healthy through diet, exercise and improved emotional health can go a long way towards combating this virus.

If you need help, I would love to hear from you.