I have been coaching more clients with financial difficulties recently and this is not surprising given the state of the economy.

As much as our financial circumstances are undoubtedly affected by the economy and other external factors, we can still play a huge role in improving the situation through our efforts. By  this I am not talking about the obvious things like saving, spending more frugally, budgeting etc. These are all useful steps to take and that are well known. But there are other ways that many are not aware of and don’t practice; yet they are highly effective and indeed can change your circumstances for the better.

It has to do with mindset. And people don’t realize how powerful this is.  The first thing to work on is negative beliefs. Why? Because our beliefs dictate our behavior and influence our reality!  So it’s not necessarily circumstances that prevent us from having abundance or financial freedom, it’s our beliefs. They get in the way and they form a ceiling above us. Like a belief that financial freedom is for others, and that we don’t have it in us to be rich. And one might say: but that’s true. It’s not true! Beliefs aren’t necessarily true. They are energy in our minds and body and electrical system. So it is critical to change your belief system. And my coaching system changes your mindset. It changes the energy in your body around finances, so that you can attract abundance for the rest of your life, not just for a short period, or to give you a windfall.

You might even think you don’t have negative beliefs around money; that you believe you can be rich and wonder why you’re still not making it. The thing is – there is your conscious mind, and your subconscious. And very often we are not even aware of what beliefs are running us as they have been programmed into us at some stage, and running in the background in our subconscious mind. So this is what you have to get at the bottom of. You might even have tried really hard to find work and weren’t able to because jobs are scarce and the economy is in a slump. I read a very interesting story in Catherine Ponders ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’. She said that even in the  midst of the Depression in the US, when jobs were extremely scarce, people with an abundance mindset were working at two or three jobs and earning well. Indeed, there have been countless people in challenging financial circumstances who have overcome them and made millions. See the thing is, the key is to never put the blame or reason outside of yourself. Take responsibility for everything in your life. When you do that, you are empowering yourself. When you say some external reason is responsible for your situation, you are disempowering yourself.

If you are unemployed, change your energy by getting rid of negative thoughts and beliefs. You will then attract opportunities as you’re not coming from an attitude of scarcity, anger, ‘I hate the economy, I hate the company that fired me’. So it’s all about changing your energy to become abundant because you can’t get what you are already not feeling in your body, mind and energy. Infuse yourself with positive thoughts and beliefs, believe that you deserve and have abundance and prosperity and watch it flow into your life.