February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month. This is something I’m passionate about and it is one of the niche areas in my coaching. I feel strongly about the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle because I have seen the positive results in my life personally. We need to realize the power we have to maintain good health by our own agency – eating healthily, exercising, getting enough sleep and sunlight. These are things we hear about all the time but during the month of February, I will try and discuss as many aspects as possible in my blog.

Too many of us have the wrong idea about health and wellness. We lead unhealthy lifestyles, eating badly, being inactive, adopting bad habits and then when we get ill, we wonder why and then go to the doctor and put chemicals in our body to heal. Of course we have to see doctors for a wide variety of ailments, but many doctor’s visits can be avoided if we paid attention to maintaining our health in the first place.

I have helped many people achieve healthy lifestyles and maintain it. Many of my clients came to me for my basic coaching programme and I discovered that a lot of their challenges were related to their lifestyle. After addressing these, everything else in their lives improved. Many were astounded to realize that their depression for example was caused to a large extent by the foods they were eating and correcting this brought instant improvement. Many emotional and mental challenges are indeed very dependent on nutrition.

There are too many outside factors that can mess up our mood, our feeling of wellbeing, our physical and mental health. We have no control of those factors, but we can control how they affect us. We can control our own lifestyle and we can control how well we feel. Don’t throw away the power you have.

Before I go, I must mention that 4th February is World Cancer Day. Cancer is a dreaded disease but it is also one that many people have beaten by healing themselves. More and more, it is being realized that cancer is also a lifestyle disease like diabetes and heart disease, as it is also affected by how you live your life on a daily basis and the choices you make. Moreover, stress plays a huge part in the cause and spreading of cancer. Stress can equate to negative thoughts and emotions and renowned inspirational figures like Louise Hay and Brandon Bays have healed themselves by undergoing an inner healing and transformational process and have inspired countless others to do the same. I have also followed their teachings after being diagnosed with and beating breast cancer many years ago.

I look forward to connecting with you more during this month on all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.