This blog is about the importance of letting go of negative emotions and thoughts.  As an introduction, I’d like to briefly touch on the book ‘Letting Go’ by David Hawkins and what it has taught me about achieving emotional and spiritual healing. Hawkins has written some ground breaking, phenomenal books on spiritual growth and consciousness and healing and … just how to be the best version of yourself. I’ve learned a lot through his books and ‘Letting Go’ resonated with me in particular and we studied its teachings at length in my Masters life coaching course. Hawkins book is about letting go of negative emotions and in so doing, moving up the scale of consciousness, which he also introduced to the world. Basically, Hawkins says that as you let go of emotions like shame, guilt, hatred and anger for example, you heal yourself immensely and in so doing, attract all positives to your life (like love, joy and peace). So letting go of negativity can profoundly change your life for the good.

So – Why are so many people carrying around so much negative emotion? People are just repositories for years, even decades of past bitterness, hurt, grief, anger. So much pain. Because of layers of these taking hold inside of you over years. How does this happen? We experience trauma, hardships, abuse, terrible experiences and leave us with great hurt and pain and other emotions. Of course we do, because we’re human and we’re supposed to feel emotions. But, we need to take the lessons in them and move on, not store them in our cells to take out and dwell over. But we don’t let them go. Why? Is it serving you.  No, quite the opposite. Why do this to yourself? Chuck them out.

See, the first thing you have to realize is that is life! Yes it is. Life is not about us having it easy and everything being sweetness and light all the time. Life is a series of challenges that we have to overcome in order to grow and develop into the highest version of ourselves. Once you accept that, you will accept all the negativity, deal with it, learn the lessons and let go of the crap. Eventually, you will get to a point where you attract more and more good into your life.

The other thing is when someone says or does something horrible to us, we take it personally. Ok, of course we do because it is directed at us, but understand that  often, it is not about us, but about them. It is about all the negativity that they have harboured in them. Why are we giving that person such power over us to allow them to hurt us to the point of damaging ourselves – our mental and emotional health, our self esteem? Of course, it can also be about you – that you have hurt someone or done something wrong  and they reacted to you. In that case you need to make amends and do some reflection, learn the lesson and improve. And then move on. But there are also people who are determined to hold grudges and be negative even if you have apologized and tried to make amends. That’s their issue and their journey.

We also beat ourselves up for past mistakes – over and over again. Stop doing that. The past is over. You did what you did because that was who you were then. The important thing is that if you realize your mistake or hurt you’ve caused someone or yourself, do the necessary and then again, move forward. Learn from the mistake and don’t repeat it. Handle it differently next time. But don’t keep guilt and shame and regret inside you.

Let it go! By getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions, you will feel lighter and freer. And you will, literally, change your life. I have helped so many clients through this process and would love to hear from you if you are battling with this.