It seems that happiness is everyone’s goal. In my life coaching practice I am seeing so many people coping with unhappiness, depression, anxiety and misery. It cuts across all social sectors and ages and is prevalent in men and women. I am seeing more men in recent months who are battling to cope with feelings of deep inadequacy and angst. Everyone has different challenges and problems; different ‘causes’ for their unhappiness. I put the word ‘causes’ in parenthesis because I always tell my clients that nothing should actually be the cause of one’s unhappiness. In the same way that you should not wait for certain things to happen, or for you to achieve something , in order to be happy. You see, happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy right now.

Did I hear some ‘yeah rights’? Have you heard this before and haven’t been very successful in managing to acquire much eluded bliss? Let me give you a different perspective and see if this helps. For most of my life I thought that those espousing eternal cheerfulness were out of touch with reality and were just encouraging everyone to be happy because it’s just so much better than being sad (yes, really). Until I learnt that it’s not this at all – that there’s a scientific basis for this belief and that choosing happiness is the best way to ensure that you attract more joy into your life. How does it work?

One of the many Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction. I’ve explained exactly how the law of attraction works in a previous article. Like attracts like. Whatever is in you is what the universe will bring you more of.  Your subconscious is programmed to bring you more of what is already programmed in it. Don’t you think then that it makes much more sense to choose happiness instead of sadness, positive thoughts instead of negative, depressing thoughts? In so doing, you will attract more of those to you. You will become happy because you have already chosen to be happy and to experience that emotion of joy. Own your power. Don’t give it away to some other person or to circumstances. Don’t allow your state of mind to be dictated to by external factors. Be grounded and powerful within yourself so that you are not buffeted easily by life’s happenings.

And believe me you will be tested. I get often told by my clients that ‘it’s all well and good to say “choose happiness”, but it’s so hard’! Of course it can get hard at times – for everyone. Understand this: we are not here to have it easy all the time. Part of the human experience is to go through challenges and difficulties, even severe trauma and hardship. Those who have experienced the latter have just experienced the full meaning of what it is to be human. But it is a test. We have a choice of which path we want to travel, how we are going to deal with these challenges. And it is the path we choose that determines our growth as individuals. And persons who have overcome hardship, dust themselves off and forge on positively, have achieved a victory not to be sniffed at. It’s all about choice.

But we all need help from time to time in guiding us through those challenges and choices. One choice is seeing a life coach.

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