How to heal yourself of disease

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is of particular significance to me as I am a breast cancer survivor. It is actually my diagnosis and path to healing that led me to the field of life coaching and for that I am immensely thankful as it has transformed my life in amazing ways. I discovered first hand that our biggest challenge can be our biggest blessing!

I found Louise Hay’s groundbreaking book ‘You can Heal your Life’ immeasurably helpful. It was actually a total eye-opener. For most of us, as soon as we get ill and especially with a serious or life threatening disease, the first place we go to is a doctor and so we should in many cases. The problem is we see this as the only form of healing and it isn’t. We are not aware (or I certainly wasn’t) of the immense power we have to heal ourselves. This is what Louise taught me in her book, with her detailed explanations and insights into how we can do this, as well as sharing her personal journey.

The core message of Louise’s book is that we cause all disease ourselves, through negative thoughts and emotions. This links directly with Deepak Chopra’s theory of quantum healing, which I mentioned in my article on the laws of attraction and vibration. Chopra proved that we have neurons throughout our body. This means that your brain can communicate with any part of your body instantly and it also proves scientifically the mind-body connection. So your thoughts and emotions (subconscious mind) have a direct effect on every single cell in your body. So if your thoughts and emotions are all negative and dark, all low vibrating doom and gloom messengers, can you imagine the effect on your body? No wonder they cause disease. Also remember that we are all made of energy and light and these flow through our body in pathways. India calls them chakras and you might have heard of chakra balancing. This is needed when our chakras are blocked or put out of sync by negative emotions or vibrations. Acupuncture is also designed to unblock these energy pathways and bring healing and well being.

So the way to heal ourselves is to remove all negative thoughts and emotions, all baggage and hurts from the past and to reprogramme ourselves with the opposite – everything positive and life affirming. Louise Hay literally cured herself of a malignant tumour only through this process. She needed surgery but asked for time from the doctor. After healing work, she went back to the doctor and the tumour had disappeared! Of course there is no guarantee that every person will be able to do this and I am not advocating foregoing medical intervention. I am purely using the example of Louise Hay to illustrate how much power is within us to heal ourselves.

After reading Louise’s book I embarked on a life coaching course and started practising after being certified. I also went on to do the Masters and am now a Master Coach. I am now disease free for 5 years with the grace of the Almighty. So I can personally attest to the process of self healing which every person can do. How?

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