Covid-19 – Not all doom and gloom

Everybody’s talking about the Corona virus. Nobody alive has seen anything like this before, where everyone in the world is affected at the same time and on such a scale. It’s serious. Last time this week in South Africa, it wasn’t a big deal as there were so few cases. By Friday 13th March, the number of cases had shot up and on Sunday, the President declared a national disaster. Everything changed! Everyone’s lives suddenly were impacted in ways we never imagined. And as is expected with such things, anxiety and panic set in. Which is why I am writing about this. It’s really important, that while you take this seriously and take the necessary precautions, you don’t panic. Banish fear and predictions of calamity. Because as I have mentioned to you previously in my blogs and videos, negativity will breed negativity. It will attract into our lives all that we fear most and make this even worse than it is. Have faith, in God, the universe, the natural world to defeat this thing and to make everything right. If we co-operate, be sensible and do the right thing to protect ourselves and others. And be considerate – don’t panic buy – food, masks, hand sanitisers etc, because you’re depriving other people the tools to look after themselves and their families.

There’s also another way to look at this: yes we can’t go out much, we can’t eat out, we can’t have parties or gatherings – certainly large gatherings are banned.But, we can stay at home and spend time with our families. We can read books, yay! Those wonderful things filled with new worlds and  experiences. If you’re into it, you can binge watch your favourite series. You can play old fashioned games again. You can spend time in your garden, at the beach, in parks. Just keep a safe distance from others.

But most importantly, you can pause, think, breathe, listen. Take a break from the hectic, frenetic pace of the lives we live. Maybe the Universe had to send us something like this to force us to slow down, to reflect and consider the things we are doing, the lives we are leading. To make us aware of our own fragility and mortality. We are not the invincible beings we think we are, tramping over the planet without thinking about what we are doing. Maybe, just maybe, we needed this. I am very saddened about the people around the world who have died from this, and sympathies to their families. But maybe, it’s not all doom and gloom. Try and get the lessons from this and perhaps, when it’s all over, we can move forward into a better world. Let’s just be positive and have faith.

I am still coaching and also do so via Skype. Stay healthy and safe!