How often have we looked back at events in the past that caused us trauma and wished that they had never happened, that we had done things differently. And that’s when those words pop up: IF ONLY. ‘If only I had done this instead of that; if only I had thought before speaking or acting; if only I had tried harder’. If only….

These thoughts and deliberations are pointless because you can’t change what happened in the past and asking these questions fill you with regret and guilt. Guilt is one of the emotions and states of being that vibrate very low and can sink you to depths of depression and agony.

Get this: you did the best you could at that time, according to the person you were then, according to where you were in your journey of life, according to the knowledge you had then. You did the best you could under those circumstances.  And there had to be times in the past when we knew less, lacked certain positive qualities that we have now or were less equipped in whatever way than we are now. That is what the journey of life is all about. We have to mess up, sometimes badly; we have to fail, in order to learn vital life’s lessons and in order to grow, learn and develop.

The important thing is to learn the lessons from our mistakes and ensure we don’t repeat them. That is how we become better, stronger and wiser people and gain a heightened sense of self awareness, spiritual awareness and develop character. If things always go our way and if we don’t fail and are not challenged, there will be no need for us to move out of our comfort zones and old programmes. We will not change and grow and that is a pointless existence.

I have found that the best thing to do is to make peace with whatever happened in the past and move on. Acceptance. That is a very liberating word. Acceptance is an acknowledgement of our human frailties and the vicissitudes of life. It’s being able to let go and forgive ourselves and move forward. It takes us to a place of growth and strength. Beating ourselves up internally makes us miserable and depressed and anxious about the future. It brings down our self esteem and hinders our ability to achieve any goals because we’re so busy lamenting our actions in the past. And it wrecks our health.

This life is short. Don’t compound your failings by giving them more time than they’re worth. Give time to your healing and achieving instead.


In early 2020, the world was blind-sided when it was suddenly hit by a pandemic called Covid-19. Never in living memory had we encountered something like this. Our entire lives changed drastically and for the worse. Nobody could have imagined this lasting for long because it was so alien, so we waited for it to blow over quickly. It didn’t. Eventually it started getting better slowly, numbers across the world gradually dropped and although with some trepidation, we dared to exhale again. In South Africa, strict lockdown was eased and we started getting back to ‘normal’. We relaxed, started moving around and began to ease our adherence to precautions. Many attended large gatherings. And then, out of the blue, the virus reared its ugly head again and this time it was much worse. Many more illnesses, many more deaths. We are numb right now, shell shocked. Wracked with grief at the loss of loved ones, the loss of jobs and the loss of the lifestyles we once enjoyed.

When there is need for change in our lives, in our world, the universe whispers, then shouts, then eventually bashes us hard on the head. And this is perhaps the biggest lesson we need to take away from the wreckage of our lives. We just cannot go back to the way things were. We cannot because not only has the world changed irrevocably, but also we shouldn’t, because maybe the world just needed this change. Maybe the universe was telling us that we needed to stop living the way we were – our grossly unequal and damaged systems needed a massive overhaul. The greed, exploitation, mass appropriation of resources to benefit the few, the human destruction of the environment and the self serving pursuit of expediency at the expense of truth and integrity, all needed to be changed.  And for those of us who are too numb now to think about these theoretical constructs, we need to learn to be able to just dust ourselves off, to be able to rebuild our lives and learn to actually live again.

How? This is the question that most people are asking now and understandably so – because this is all so new to us. We have never had to heal and build on such a massive scale before. We have never lived through something like this before. There is no rulebook we can refer to or look to for guidance.

The first thing has to be acceptance. We cannot fight this by railing against it, against God and the universe. We have to accept that it is happening and there is a reason for it; and at the same time we have to realise that it is not all bad. History shows that it is in times of great upheaval that human beings have built all manner of wondrous things. It is in the rebuilding, the reflection from lessons learnt that new and better things are forged. Often through a sense of complacency we will never move towards demolishing that which no longer serves us, which hurts us, unless we are not pushed, indeed shoved off the proverbial cliff.

The next thing is to heal: we need to allow ourselves time and space to do this. We need to accept that we are aggrieved and bereft and not fight it. We need to acknowledge the loss and go through the process of grief, so we can reach the point of acceptance. Everyone has different ways of doing this. I personally, as so many others, take great comfort in my faith, the belief of a higher power, that the universe will find ways to heal us all and move us towards a better future if we allow it to, if we work with it and we learn from the lessons it is giving us. Then we need to reach out to others for help and support – family, friends, colleagues, professionals. As a life coach, I have already helped a large number of people navigate their lives through the chaos of the past year and to work successfully towards setting and achieving new goals.

And that’s the next step – rebuilding our lives. We are nowhere near the end of this and it might get worse before it gets better; but it will get better and then we’ll need to rebuild. Some of us are not as badly affected as others, but there is hardly a soul who has not been affected in some way or other, so we all have some work to do. For some, it is going to be much more challenging and it’s going to test our survival skills, our resilience, our flexibility and openness to other possibilities and new methods of dealing with life, irrespective of age. Because we are not going to ‘return to normal’. Not now or ever.

Are you up to it?

On a macro scale, we will also have to navigate a future that is better, kinder to everyone and more sustainable. We should all be holding hands and helping each other through this challenge. As a life coach, I find that my service and skills are needed more than ever. I will need to help my clients heal, to work out what their future and life will look like and help them rebuild it. I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to do that.

We have a choice: get completely immersed in the tragedy of it all, be angry, fearful, consumed with negative emotion and remain stuck; or we can shake off the mantle of victimhood, take responsibility and rise up to the challenge that has been placed on all of us- to see this as an opportunity for much needed change.

What will you choose?

It’s a new year, time for new beginnings. Let’s make it count.


This is a topic that gives rise to much discussion and emotions can sometimes run high. The two sides of the spectrum are people who are either not able to or not willing to care for aged parents and those who feel strongly that it is the duty of adult children to do so.
Let’s unpack this. We need to look deeper – at life, the cycle of life and what it means. We are all here for a purpose and we fulfill this through the days of our lives, no matter what age we are. We need to understand this. It is vital to the survival of healthy families, communities and societies when we take care of everyone in it. Young parents take care of their children and undergo much hardship doing so. In the same way, children should take care of their parents when they are frail. Ancient cultures and eastern cultures have always understood this and honoured their elderly. They look up to them as dispensers of guidance and wisdom. The extended family takes care of them and they are assured of a dignified place in the system. It is sad that with Westernisation, urbanisation and the change in the structure of families and communities, the elderly have lost that place of honour that they once had. We need to bring that back.
It is important to understand that even when elderly parents become ill or lose their faculties, they need to be looked after – especially then. It is a way of giving back to them, to the system that brought you up, a way of honouring the cycle of life. When we discard our elderly or neglect or ill treat them, we take on a lot of bad energy and ill-feeling into our own lives. Also be mindful of the fact that everyone will eventually grow old and you will not want to be abandoned or neglected by your children and family. Also be aware that you are setting an example for your own children about how they should treat you one day.
Every religion teaches this. There is a well used saying in Islam: ‘Jannat (heaven) lies under the feet of the mother’. I used to wonder what this means growing up. It means ‘raise your mother up to such a high status that she is above you and you are under her feet; that will bring you to heaven’. My interpretation is that of a heaven not just in the hereafter, but in the blessings you will invite into your life by doing this. (Obviously I have made my children aware of this :))
On a personal note, my father is 89 years old. He lives with us. I have been taking care of him for many years and have taught my daughters to do the same. They love and respect their nana and will leave what they are doing to see to his needs. They do this because they understand what I have spoken about above. This is a vital lesson to teach children.
Let us embrace the cycle of life and the fact that each stage of life needs to be respected and honoured. Modern society is too enamoured of youth and its worship. But youth has to end for everyone. Instead of bemoaning this fact, let’s celebrate it and be grateful for the onset of later years, wisdom and a life well lived,secure that we have a dignified place in it, supported and cared for.

FORGET THE SCAREMONGERING – Take control of your health

I don’t think there is anyone out there who hasn’t been exposed to news and information about the dangers  of corona virus and its possible lethal impact on our health. We’re told to stay indoors and observe hygiene and if we go out to mask up and keep social distancing. We’re also told that there is no cure or vaccine for the disease of Covid- 19. While all this is true, it is causing mass panic and anxiety.

There’s another angle to this whole thing: Firstly, the vast majority of people who are getting very ill and/or dying from Covid 19, have underlying illnesses or co-morbidities: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease, obesity or respiratory illnesses. Secondly, it is also people with compromised immune systems who are most affected. So, this gives us something to work with, some hope. We need to focus on managing these conditions in people who have them and on strengthening our immune systems – in people who are compromised and the general population.

There are many dietary interventions that will support our immune system and which we should be paying more attention to now and making sure we implement. Another important factor that strengthens the immune system is exercise and there is a vast array of research out there proving that, which I encourage you to read further on. There is also a vast array of information of the kind of diets to follow and foods to eat to bolster immune function. My personal opinion is that these interventions have received far too little exposure in the information about the pandemic and how to counter it. Too much emphasis has been placed on the lack of vaccines or drugs to treat it, rather than what individuals can do to help themselves. The resultant zeitgeist is mass fear and helplessness.

This is something I focus on as part of my coaching programme and I have achieved huge success in guiding my clients to a sustained healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy food choices and appropriate exercise to strengthen the immune system and having sustained optimum health and wellbeing. As a result, fewer medications and harmful chemicals are needed to treat conditions that could be avoided. The same is true of Covid 19.

Another factor which is an integral part of my programme and which we need to focus on is our emotional health. Things like stress, anxiety, depression and fear cause havoc with our immune system. They cause chemical reactions in our body which make us more susceptible to diseases of all kinds. We should be paying more attention to our mental and emotional health now. Instead, we are compromising it through fear and worry that the circumstances of Covid 19 are causing: fear of the disease itself, isolation, loneliness and financial concerns due to the global economic crash. All these are understandable. But we must not succumb to these negative emotions, or we are indeed doomed.

So be positive, stop panicking and stop waiting for an external solution to this present scourge we are facing. Yes, we would welcome a cure for Covid 19, but we are not helpless in the meantime. We can take control of our own health and prevent contacting this disease. Together with practising all the other measures we have been advised on, staying healthy through diet, exercise and improved emotional health can go a long way towards combating this virus.

If you need help, I would love to hear from you.


I had a strange experience the other day. I saw a picture of people in a crowded restaurant and I got a bit concerned. My first instinctive reaction was, ‘Oh,they’re sitting rather close’. And then I realised that this was the world before Covid 19. When we went out to restaurants and sat near other people and brushed past people at functions and didn’t think anything of it. When we hugged our friends and shook hands with strangers we’d just met. That other world. Was it really only a few weeks ago? It seems a lifetime ago. Everything that we knew and took for granted came to an abrupt halt and we were forced to adapt to new realities. What is going on? We are reeling with confusion at how the world changed so utterly without any notice.

Whatever one’s particular reality is, many people are struggling and in a way that’s normal. It’s because we’re having to cope with loss: Loss of jobs and income, of freedom, of security, of human contact, loss of a life once lived, loss of a world as we knew it. So, it is normal to feel lost, depressed and  anxious. However, as I have said to you  before, we ALWAYS have a choice of how to react. We have a choice of what we are going to do with all those negative feelings we have. Do we accept them, process them fully and then use them to propel us out of this darkness, or do we allow them to overwhelm us fully and take control of us? Because remember that as bad as things are now, it is not the first time the world has had to deal with calamity and dark times. Better times did come, there was joy again, and hope and victory. And it will happen again. And then you’ll look back at your despair and say, ‘if only I’d known that things will get better, I wouldn’t have been in such despair’. Hasn’t that happened to you before? It’s happened to most of us.

Besides the damage it does to us, negative emotions have a way of making everything worse.  I’ve told you before of the power of our thoughts and our imaginations. Have a look at my previous blogs on my website. We can make ourselves sick with our own minds. We can generate misfortune and disease by obsessing about it. Imagine the impact of an entire world all panicking and anxious at the same time?? It’s a recipe for …..even more disaster. There’s no denying the world is in a bad place, but mass anxiety will just make things worse.

So …stop. Breathe. Calm down. The only way we are going to beat this is to stop all the mass panic and fear. I know it’s not easy, but recognising it is the first step. And then we can slowly start unpacking it and resolving it.

In the same way that we can all panic en masse, we can all do the opposite. Perhaps it is time to develop an alternative global mindset – of faith, hope and courage. Yes we are all affected differently, but this virus takes no prisoners. It does not discriminate between class, race and creed. Everyone is affected in some way or the other. So we can all come together in our response as well. Imagine if we all chose faith over despair, courage over fear and hope over hopelessness? Imagine the huge swell of good energy that will infuse the world and the positive change that will occur. It might not happen all at once or immediately, but believe me – It will happen.

We could begin now to create the best chapter in the human story. It could be said of us in the future, that faced with a viral catastrophe, we did something amazing. Tragic times call for extraordinary qualities.

I read an article by Ben Okri last week , where he was saying something similar about the need to take positive action. I’d like to  quote his words as they are so apt:  He said ‘ The real tragedy would be if we came through this pandemic without changing for the better. It would be as if all those deaths, all that suffering meant nothing’.

Having said all this, I get that it’s easier said than done. That when you are in the depths of depression or anxiety, it’s very hard to overcome it without help. Well, help is available. Mental health professionals and life coaches have never been needed as much as they are now and thankfully our services are as effective online as they are in person. I am here to help you. Also check out my videos on my Youtube channel.

Covid-19 – Not all doom and gloom

Everybody’s talking about the Corona virus. Nobody alive has seen anything like this before, where everyone in the world is affected at the same time and on such a scale. It’s serious. Last time this week in South Africa, it wasn’t a big deal as there were so few cases. By Friday 13th March, the number of cases had shot up and on Sunday, the President declared a national disaster. Everything changed! Everyone’s lives suddenly were impacted in ways we never imagined. And as is expected with such things, anxiety and panic set in. Which is why I am writing about this. It’s really important, that while you take this seriously and take the necessary precautions, you don’t panic. Banish fear and predictions of calamity. Because as I have mentioned to you previously in my blogs and videos, negativity will breed negativity. It will attract into our lives all that we fear most and make this even worse than it is. Have faith, in God, the universe, the natural world to defeat this thing and to make everything right. If we co-operate, be sensible and do the right thing to protect ourselves and others. And be considerate – don’t panic buy – food, masks, hand sanitisers etc, because you’re depriving other people the tools to look after themselves and their families.

There’s also another way to look at this: yes we can’t go out much, we can’t eat out, we can’t have parties or gatherings – certainly large gatherings are banned.But, we can stay at home and spend time with our families. We can read books, yay! Those wonderful things filled with new worlds and  experiences. If you’re into it, you can binge watch your favourite series. You can play old fashioned games again. You can spend time in your garden, at the beach, in parks. Just keep a safe distance from others.

But most importantly, you can pause, think, breathe, listen. Take a break from the hectic, frenetic pace of the lives we live. Maybe the Universe had to send us something like this to force us to slow down, to reflect and consider the things we are doing, the lives we are leading. To make us aware of our own fragility and mortality. We are not the invincible beings we think we are, tramping over the planet without thinking about what we are doing. Maybe, just maybe, we needed this. I am very saddened about the people around the world who have died from this, and sympathies to their families. But maybe, it’s not all doom and gloom. Try and get the lessons from this and perhaps, when it’s all over, we can move forward into a better world. Let’s just be positive and have faith.

I am still coaching and also do so via Skype. Stay healthy and safe!


This blog is about the importance of letting go of negative emotions and thoughts.  As an introduction, I’d like to briefly touch on the book ‘Letting Go’ by David Hawkins and what it has taught me about achieving emotional and spiritual healing. Hawkins has written some ground breaking, phenomenal books on spiritual growth and consciousness and healing and … just how to be the best version of yourself. I’ve learned a lot through his books and ‘Letting Go’ resonated with me in particular and we studied its teachings at length in my Masters life coaching course. Hawkins book is about letting go of negative emotions and in so doing, moving up the scale of consciousness, which he also introduced to the world. Basically, Hawkins says that as you let go of emotions like shame, guilt, hatred and anger for example, you heal yourself immensely and in so doing, attract all positives to your life (like love, joy and peace). So letting go of negativity can profoundly change your life for the good.

So – Why are so many people carrying around so much negative emotion? People are just repositories for years, even decades of past bitterness, hurt, grief, anger. So much pain. Because of layers of these taking hold inside of you over years. How does this happen? We experience trauma, hardships, abuse, terrible experiences and leave us with great hurt and pain and other emotions. Of course we do, because we’re human and we’re supposed to feel emotions. But, we need to take the lessons in them and move on, not store them in our cells to take out and dwell over. But we don’t let them go. Why? Is it serving you.  No, quite the opposite. Why do this to yourself? Chuck them out.

See, the first thing you have to realize is that is life! Yes it is. Life is not about us having it easy and everything being sweetness and light all the time. Life is a series of challenges that we have to overcome in order to grow and develop into the highest version of ourselves. Once you accept that, you will accept all the negativity, deal with it, learn the lessons and let go of the crap. Eventually, you will get to a point where you attract more and more good into your life.

The other thing is when someone says or does something horrible to us, we take it personally. Ok, of course we do because it is directed at us, but understand that  often, it is not about us, but about them. It is about all the negativity that they have harboured in them. Why are we giving that person such power over us to allow them to hurt us to the point of damaging ourselves – our mental and emotional health, our self esteem? Of course, it can also be about you – that you have hurt someone or done something wrong  and they reacted to you. In that case you need to make amends and do some reflection, learn the lesson and improve. And then move on. But there are also people who are determined to hold grudges and be negative even if you have apologized and tried to make amends. That’s their issue and their journey.

We also beat ourselves up for past mistakes – over and over again. Stop doing that. The past is over. You did what you did because that was who you were then. The important thing is that if you realize your mistake or hurt you’ve caused someone or yourself, do the necessary and then again, move forward. Learn from the mistake and don’t repeat it. Handle it differently next time. But don’t keep guilt and shame and regret inside you.

Let it go! By getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions, you will feel lighter and freer. And you will, literally, change your life. I have helped so many clients through this process and would love to hear from you if you are battling with this.

Trouble sleeping? Read this.

21st February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day. So when I was pondering about what gems of wisdom to share with you today, I thought, everyone speaks about diet and exercise but there are other important factors that are not given the same attention but are a huge problem to a lot of people and one of them is sleep. For some reason, more and more people are really battling with insomnia. And besides it being really frustrating to be lying awake at night, we just have to sleep for optimal health – it’s when our bodies rest, heal and repair. We need at least 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. Not getting this can lead to ill health. So what do we do about elusive sleep?

Well, I can tell you what not to do to start with and I want to say it upfront because it’s most people’s first port of call. Don’t take sleeping pills. Especially the ones with chemicals in it and not natural substances. They are bad for your health, don’t give you actual restful sleep and are very addictive. Many doctors prescribe it for acute insomnia and they can be useful if taken in small doses for a short while. If you need to take something, especially for a longer period, a better option is a natural product like chamomile tea or Valerian root which is very effective.

The best way though to aim for a good night’s sleep is to create a conducive lifestyle. The first thing is creating a healthy circadian rhythm. Your body responds to light and dark cycles and is programmed to be awake and rest accordingly. It is essential to get enough bright light exposure during the day and on the opposite end, you need to avoid bright artificial lighting after sunset, as light will impair your melatonin production. This is very difficult with our lifestyles so at least try and dim the lights at least an hour before bedtime.

Also, try to sleep in complete darkness, or as close to it as possible. Even the tiniest bit of light in the room, such as that from a clock radio LCD screen, can disrupt your internal clock and your production of melatonin and serotonin, thereby interfering with your sleep. So, close your bedroom door, get rid of night-lights, cover any LCD screens and your windows. Then, keep your room temperature at around 21 degrees celsius.  Scientists believe a cooler bedroom may be more conducive to sleep, since it mimics your body’s natural temperature drop.

The next point is very important to take note of because almost everyone is guilty of this:  Eliminate electric and electromagnetic fields in your bedroom. EMF exposure has been linked to neuron changes that affect memory and your ability to learn and they also harm your body’s mitochondria, so sleeping in EMFs all night, every night, can cause or contribute to virtually any chronic ailment, including premature aging. Put your cellphone off at night. If you need it for your alarm, put it on flight mode and keep it as far away from your bed as possible. Also, turn your WiFi off at night. It’s harmful to your body and you don’t need Wi-Fi while sleeping, so this is a wholly unnecessary exposure that is easily remedied by turning it off. And remove the television, computer, laptop and digital clock from your room. Keep your room free from all this and it will definitely contribute to giving you a better night’s sleep.

If you do all this and you’re still struggling, there is something else going on and it’s usually happening inside of you. The biggest enemy to sleep is stress, worry and anxiety. All these negative thoughts just keep going around in your head and you wish you can shut it off. It’s awful. If you don’t address these, it’s very likely that you’ll never be able to conquer your sleeplessness. It’s one of the things I offer in my life coaching, so contact me for a free session.

Don’t believe the hype

It’s Valentine’s Day again and everyone is doing the love thing. It can unfortunately get really corny with all the red hearts and chocolates and mass produced Valentine’s paraphernalia. I know some people get really irritated by all this and I get them. The true meaning of love is lost amid the huge commercialization and commodification of love on Valentine’s Day.  This in itself is mostly harmless.

But there’s another aspect that’s more concerning.  I have seen lots of clients who have made me rethink this whole Valentine’s thing, this whole over emphasis on romantic love and expressions of it. Popular culture has really made romantic love into the most important thing to aspire to – it’s glorified in books and movies and magazines and online. But I’m seeing clients who got into relationships and marriages with stars, or rather hearts in their eyes and then find after a few weeks or months, after the novelty has worn off, they come crashing down and wonder what happened.

That’s because real love that lasts is about more than romance and moonlight and roses. It’s about experiencing all kinds of challenges and hardships – financial, health, extended family issues, dealing with children… and sticking with each other through it all. It’s about the bad times as well as the good. I had  a married woman come to me for coaching and she was experiencing severe depression and anxiety. Her husband was supportive for a short while and then got frustrated as, according to him, it’s not ‘what he signed up for’. You can imagine what did this for her emotional health and her self esteem. Her husband was another person who just didn’t get the memo – marriage is not about being there for the good times only. It’s literally, for better for worse.

Most stories in books and movies have happy endings and happily ever after. We don’t hear about Cinderella having to cope with Prince Charming’s bad habits, for example. And we find that many young couples are just not prepared for this today – dealing with the harsh realities of being in a long term relationship. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day, with its emphasis on the superficial romantic aspects of relationships, just makes the problem worse.

If you’re one of the people celebrating Valentine’s Day – by all means do it. Just don’t go believing the hype and kitsch. Real love is about much more than this.


Today I am really excited to share with you a health and exercise programme that I have been using. You may have picked up by now that I am quite health conscious and am mindful of what I eat and of doing daily exercise and addressing all aspects of my life in order to gain maximum wellbeing. But since the beginning of the year I put together a few different things that I have been doing on and off and followed it rigorously as a programme. It includes diet and exercise and certain lifestyle modifications.

So let me tell you where I’m coming from. I’ve been fortunate when it comes to weight and body shape, because all my life I could literally eat anything and as much as I liked and not put on any weight. My friends were NOT impressed. When I was expecting my first baby one of my friends said ‘oh thank goodness, maybe now you’ll put on weight and be fat like me’. Much to her disgust, I lost all my pregnancy weight.  So, you get the picture. But in recent years I have been putting on weight. It’s to do with that horrible thing called ‘getting older’. It was okay at first because the weight was evenly distributed, so I still looked fine. But, in the last year or so, I started putting on weight on my tummy. And I hated it. It was noticeable and I just couldn’t lose it! Beside it being unhealthy because visceral fat is one of the worse for heart health.

So I tried a few things but nothing worked. But last December was crunch time! I indulged in delicious food which was as fattening as it was delicious and I saw the results on my tummy. That’s when I said ‘enough is enough!’ and decided to try something different and be very disciplined and serious about it. I sat down at my desk and did some research – which is probably the only time you should be sitting down for long (sitting for long is not good). And I went through all the stuff I had learnt and researched over the years and what I’d taught to my clients and I juggled a few things around and then came up with something. I devised a programme and decided to follow it rigorously. Through bad days and tired days and busy days and craving days. I stuck to it. And guess what? Two things. It’s a simple plan, not complicated at all, because I knew that with my busy lifestyle I did not want anything complicated to follow and, it turned out to be really doable and easy to follow. It stuck to it, the diet, not just what I ate but when I ate, the exercise, and the few lifestyle practices. And…..the results have been phenomenal! My tummy has gone down, yay! I feel more toned, healthier, fitter and more energized.

I am in the process of starting my clients on this and a few friends as well. I don’t want to tell you anything more about it now, because it’s different for everyone and it depends on where you’re at in your life and health status as well.  For people who have specific health challenges or diseases, we will have to work with your doctor. But, if you are on my page and want to bring about some change in your life with regard to health and wellness, I’d love to see if I can help you. Contact me for a free session.