I can honestly say that getting in touch with Raeesa was one of the best methods of self care I could do for myself. Two months ago I felt utterly stuck – my anxiety was at an all time high, my self confidence did not exist and the future seemed daunting.

It turns out that life coaching  was exactly what I needed. I didn’t just need someone to lend an ear and understand me, I needed someone to help me see the world differently.

Over the course of the programme, I began to understand myself better, to understand and let go of the negative emotions and beliefs which were skewing my perceptions and holding me back, to realise that if I changed the way I looked at the world, I could find positives in everything and finally identify where I wanted my life to go and how I was going to get there.

Having completed the programme, I am hopeful and excited for this new and better chapter in my life. I know that life will always be full of challenges, but with the tools Raeesa has equipped me with, I am confident that I can face these head on and live the life I’ve always wanted.

Over the years, I’ve read tons of self-help books and also attended many talks/workshops. I’d read about the benefits of working with a Life Coach but never thought I needed to. I thought I was pretty much on track with my goals and had a good understanding of the Law of Attraction, the Power of My Mind etc.

This was all until a few weeks ago, when I began being coached by Raeesa Mahomed.

I never imagined working with a Life Coach would be such a phenomenal experience!

Raeesa tapped deep into my psyche to bring to the surface various negative beliefs and emotions that I didn’t even realize I was holding onto.
The shift in my perception and consciousness has been astounding.
I now have so much more clarity about my life’s vision and I have been equipped with the most amazing techniques to help me create the life I want and deserve.

If you are serious about your personal self-growth, if you really want to learn the secrets of manifesting your goals and break through the barriers that have been holding you back from being all that you are meant to be – then I whole heartedly recommend you contact Raeesa Mahomed.

I promise you it’s going to be the best investment you can ever make for your future happiness and well-being!

Pravina Maharaj
‘I’ve been meaning to call you,just to say hi,and to say THANK YOU…

You’ve inspired me to great things, hidden opportunities, and successes …
I’ve been following, and continue your teachings,,daily…

I’ve seen the changes,..
Of course, Nothing is for free,so yes,I’ve been making certain habit changes, disciplines…

And,honestly, I’m beginning to see the Universe bringing my WISHES to me in ways unimaginable….

This blessing is due to YOU,as you are my conduit to this new,positive way of thinking.

Your teachings, your understanding, and your concerns for my well-being in our sessions will always be admired, and cherished by me….

Thank you, thank you, thank you’

My son who has a traumatic brain injury after a motor vehicle accident in 1997, had been struggling with his health for quite a while. He had gained a lot of weight which impacted on his health and mental well-being. After attending Raeesa’s coaching sessions and her health and wellness programme, he lost 3 kgs in 2 weeks and continues to lose weight steadily. He is more confident, has more energy and feels really good about himself.
Raeesa is a true professional. She is warm, passionate, committed and most of all caring.
I can confidently refer her to anyone ready to make a change in life.
Thank you Raeesa.

NBP (Mrs)

It’s not what coaches say about themselves that often matters. It’s what other people say about their coaching that may convince prospective clients that you are the coach for them.

On words of my children, coaching with Raeesa has been quite a transformational, informative, inspirational and educational experience which will equip them with the tools to deal with the challenges that life confronts them with. It brings peace to my heart knowing that my children have the courage to be in control of themselves as happier, loveable, more confident individuals, overcoming obstacles by making reformed choices.

Raeesa’s coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of their situation, to become clearly aware of where they are, where they really want to go and most importantly what they need to do to get there.
Thank you and much appreciated for everything.


To Raeesa
I would like to take the time and make a huge shout-out for the amazing and uplifting coaching sessions that you have provided for me. Ever since the sessions my life , attitude , ethics and mindset have completely changed for the better and not only have I noticed these changes but the people around me have noticed the changes. I feel much better physically , spiritually and emotionally and now I feel I can conquer anything and any task given to me. You have made a huge difference for me and I couldn’t thank enough for that , you’ve opened my mind and made me realize so much and also to show gratitude to a lot of stuff. The sessions have completely healed me and shaped me into a better ,more confident individual which has raised me on many levels.
Once again I thank you for the amazing work you have done for me and I wish you many thanks and I look forward to catching up in the future.
Thank you 💗

My personal experience with Raeesa during my life coaching sessions has helped me tremendously. She is an excellent listener and I always felt so comfortable during our sessions. I have already started my new journey by using all the helpful techniques she has taught me. She is an amazing coach and a fantastic person. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend life coaching and would recommend Raeesa to anyone out there who feels they need to make a change in order to get the best out of life.

TM, age 29
The objective of my coaching session with Raeesa Mahomed was to build self-confidence so that I could pursue my B Com degree at age 40. Considering life’s challenges and being a family man with responsibilities, committing to studying towards a degree was a huge personal challenge.  After attending the prescribed sessions, I am now highly motivated to achieve my goal of a B Com degree. Continuously practicing the techniques and incorporating the techniques, has added quality and value to my daily life. Raeesa being the real professional transformational coach, acted maturely and showed good judgment whenever it was required. Her out of the box,  unconventional thinking and assessment, has helped me resolve my concerns in the most efficient and sensitive way possible. She is an extremely wonderful coach and mentor. Her coaching was so good that I managed to pass 4 subjects in my first semester at University. I am now looking forward to completing my degree.
I Latiff
My experience with you was very good as I was not sure what to expect from a stranger. Thank you for conducting yourself in a professional manner and at the same time making me feel very comfortable in the sessions. The techniques we did were very relevant to the goals I want to achieve. I am using all the techniques you have given me and they are really helping me. They are easy to do yet very effective if practised on a daily basis. After our coaching I feel much better and able to deal with the stress and pressure of life in a better manner. I am also more focused with direction on how to go about achieving my goals and I feel more motivated. Thank you Raeesa and I will be seeing you soon in the near future for more sessions!


I had some chronic and acute pain and health issues and after a few sessions with Raeesa, and understanding how physical symptoms are linked to emotional ones, I feel so much better. I actually felt the pain leaving my body. At first I was sceptical but now I can see the results.
Bilkish Khan
I am a 44 year old successful career woman with a busy life. However deep down I did not feel happy and content. Depression overcame me and this led to severe migraines which began affecting my family life and career. I heard Raeesa Mahomed on the radio and went for the first session. After that I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I began enjoying the sessions with Raeesa who did very helpful techniques on me. My depression and migraines have lessened drastically. Now I love myself and accept myself for who I am. Thank you for everything Raeesa. May the Almighty shower His light on you.